Our Expertise

Indigo is committed to providing comprehensive services for program management, construction management, and inspection, procurement, and construction support services in all market areas. Our goal is to collaborate with our clients and contractor partners to deliver innovative and successful projects that meet the needs of all users, are fully accessible and safe, and are balanced with environmental, aesthetic, historical, and cultural needs.

We have a thorough understanding of the project development process, the environmental and permit process, and the need to minimize risk while eliminating project impediments. Our project managers are responsible for planning, implementing, monitoring, and managing all aspects of the project, and they provide ongoing feedback on project activities, status, and accomplishments through formal reports and regular client follow-up.

Indigo also offers a wide range of management, compliance, logistics, and administrative support services, and we can adapt to the changing needs of our clients and their projects. Our experienced project managers perform quality assurance and quality control functions to ensure that our standards of excellence are always met. Our specialties in Context Sensitive Solutions include smart street lighting, highways, streets capes, parks, trails, open space, master site plans, playgrounds, greenways and trails, public space design, and redevelopment and revitalization plans, including green infrastructure associated with storm water intervention and low impact development techniques. Additionally, we provide a range of energy-efficient products, such as lighting, meters, thermostats, windows, flooring, batteries, reusable water bottles, ceiling fans, solar phone chargers, and water heaters. 

Delivering a full range of management, compliance, logistic and administrative support.

Washington, DC

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